Who Is ABM?

African Basic Movement, also known as ABM, is a political organization that believes in a Republican government and federalism. We believe in a greater freedom and prosperity.

We realised that in order for the economy of this country to grow a Republican government is the perfect system to be used to govern the country, since the economy will benefit the entire nation and people will be able to be independent and live well.

Our ideology as a party is a free market system especially to those who are still young in the business field to allow them to grow in the sector by supporting lower taxes and beefed up the national defence system to ensure the greater safety of the citizens of the country, our borders will be guided by the army 24/7,we want to serve common welfare so there will be no huge gap between the elite and common citizens.
Our ideology political is centered on citizenship in organised state as a Republic.

ABM Beliefs

1. This country must have refugee camps for asylum seekers
2. Tax needs to be lowered to allow greater investment and growth in the economy of the country.
3. Small business enterprises should be reserved for South African citizens only and tenders must be given to the locals.
4. Land must be given to the people to utilize it in such a way that it will develope the country, boost the economy and create more jobs for all.
5. We want to promote the usage of indegeonous languages in schools and introduce technical education from lower grades.
6. We believe in massive deportation of all illegal migrants.
7. Employment opportunities must be given to local citizens first before any migrants in order to reduce the level of unemployment in the country.
8. We will fight crime and corruption within the State’s organisations.
9. We will work on improving health systems within the country to the save more lives.improve security within the police forces.                                                   10. We will work on improving  security within the police forces and make South Africa safe.

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